It is Dark

It is dark.
The forest is now just a field of shadows.
How can we find our way back?

It is dark.
We begin to see things not really there.
Can we control ourselves?

It is dark.
The sounds are much louder now, we think.
Will we panic and make things worse?

It is dark.
It now seems that the shadows are closing in.
Is it time to flee?

It is dark.
The smell of the pines calms us somewhat.
Perhaps it is not as bad as it seems?

It is dark.
Some of the sounds are now familiar.
Do crickets tell us that it is safe to walk?

It is dark.
We hear sounds from the town below.
We will see the lights soon?

It is dark.
One more hill is crested.
Are those sounds of people?

It is dark.
We see the lights and hear the sounds.
Does this mean we are found at last?

It is dark.
We trod down the newfound path.
Will we be greeted or be feared?

It is dark.
The town is closer now, we see the movement.
Does this mean we are safe at last?

It is dark.
People smile as we approach.
Do they know us, do they care?

It is dark. We see lightness around us now.
It is dark. But, they see us and we see them.

It is dark. But, we will be safe.

by Steve Maczuga, November 2020